Doc is available for coaching and speaking engagements, voiceover, and commercial acting/ modeling! Speaking throughout the East Coast, for over 14 years, for numerous industry leaders has him poised as a subject matter expert on a number of topics. Please drop an email note for him, with “Booking” in the subject line.

prowess-36Acting/ modeling and speaking job offers should be directed to Doc’s Talent Agent, Jamie Burton, with Bravo 748.

All other inquires can be sent to him directly


  • May 20 & 21 Closeout Keynote at Warrior Transition Weekend Dallas, TX
  • July 4th- Independence Day
  • *August 8 Austin Massage and Associates Gulf Shores, AL
  • September 2 Great Chocolate Race Orlando, FL
  • October 1 Superhero Race  
  • October 29 Great Chocolate Race San Diego, CA

*Denotes private event, not open to the public

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