Welcome to the origin of what has become a mission to serve the Military Family. As a Veteran-Author, Athlete, and Speaker I endeavor to share the realities that are unique to the Service Community, and the deep love held within it, through an artistic medium. These patriotic ideals will be shared through my social media channels and email list pertaining to the key elements that are addressed through the storyline, and even sneak peeks at portions of the story before it’s published. The Facebook LIVE events have been a weekly opportunity to share the raw emotion of the characters involved. If any of this resonates with you, I encourage you to like, comment, and SHARE what you enjoy the most from this platform. *If you’re new to this website, PLEASE consider joining the email list to get even more samples, and even claim a FREE copy of the book as it hits Amazon. If you like what you find here, I would love for you to SHARE and leave a review. Thank you so much! I hope you ENJOY!

We are FAST approaching the release of 1300 Hours, thanks to a successful Kickstarter and partnering with Author House! I have assembled my Launch Team and, along with the help of the Self- Publishing School, are on the way to bringing you a BEST SELLER!! When my primary focus is to “give, give, give”, it’s a challenge for me to actually “ASK”. Gary Vaynerchuck has just released a Best- Selling book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook, which expands on this practice. Thank you ALL for your support in helping me share this project with those you love and trust!


“Your story was so detailed, I could picture it all very well- you have a wonderful talent!” -LPN Michelle

“His presence is amazing! We are always interested in supporting those that have served our Country. All in all, I hope to one day BE Doc. He loves to serve his fellow man. He is both humble and brilliant in his endeavors, and I hope to have a long relationship with him.”- OWNER Coastal Fitness Factory, Rob

“I wish someone would love ME like he describes him [Dalton] loving her [Ava]! Now I want a peach…” -Teacher,  N. Smith