Today, being Veteran’s Day, I am extremely thankful for the Servicemen and Women that have influenced my life. I come from a rich heritage in military service, and have been honored to wear the uniform for this season.  I’d like to begin with extending my gratitude to every Freedom Fighter, from every branch of Service. 

Sharing the Veteran perspective with my readers is something that’s very dear to my heart. My hope, as you walk with Dalton and Ava, is that you’ll identify with the challenges they overcome.  The battle within ourselves, and as we let others in, is only understood through transparency. This concept can be a frightening one most of us would rather leave to others. As some of you may know, this project came about as a suggestion by my Military Family Life Counselor. He observed that I obviously had the ‘physical thing” down, to work out any frustrations… He asked me if I had an artistic outlet for my emotional disappointments, unmet romantic expectations, and idealistic notions I wrestled with. At first I thought he meant like music, but he asked if I could write like I speak… So here we are. What began as an experiment has mutated into a love for writing, spawning 1300 Hours and the 5 book series that it kicks off!  I’m following the guidance of Author, Tim Grahl Your First 1,000 Copies , and endeavor to prove his methods true, and inspire other Service Members to share their stories through the rewarding process of writing. Thank you for plugging in, sharing, and providing the supportive feedback I’ve received along the way.  

“The battle within ourselves is only understood through transparency.”

-Doc Collins

Watch upcoming emails for details on how you can get sneak peeks of the book before anyone else. I’ve also branched out to other forms of social media to keep in touch regarding appearances, relevant works, and updates on the release of 1300 Hours. Subscribing to the email list, liking Doc Collins on Facebook , following on Instagram @patriotheartfitness and Twitter @realdoccollins are all ways to reach me. Thank you all for the love, support, and your Patriot Heart.

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