In the Beginning…


The Vision for this first of 5 BOOK SERIES, 1300 Hours, is to highlight the very real elements faced by the Active Duty Service Member and Veteran communities. The main characters we’ll follow throughout our story, Dalton and Ava, are a depiction of many of us in the lives we walk out daily. Often there is a disconnect, or a social gap, as the “classic civilian” mentality endeavors to understand that which is often unable to be fully understood. The journey touches on points that affect all of us to some degree. Sharing a beautiful friendship, and love story, amidst such vastly different perspectives is extremely rewarding, and is intended to inspire hope, above even raising awareness of the topics themselves. While shamelessly Veteran centered, 1300 Hours doesn’t ignore the fact that tragedy, cultural differences, PTSD, and the adaptive community affect us all. This is an account that can be appreciated by every branch of Service, and provide insight to those that genuinely share a Patriot Heart for those that serve and protect.

Dalton has a mere brush with success in a fashion that the world would view as ideal, yet he devotes himself to a rewarding craft through rehabilitating broken people, all the while coming to the realization that we’re ALL broken people. Confronting his own loss uncovers walls and tragic flaws that make him just human enough. It’s that humble nature that endears him to CPT Stenberg, “Ava”, as she prefers to be called. A battle tested Flight Nurse, exposed to the very worst war has to offer, finds herself suprisingly smitten by an unlikely interest. An addiction to long distance running has landed her in Dalton’s office, for physical therapy, allowing for conversation where transparent curiosity meets a peculiar attraction. Both individuals navigate their brokenness, and find themselves daring to trust despite the complete contrast in backgrounds and lifestyle. There are things he doesn’t know how to share, and some things she simply cannot. While Dalton confides in his few trusted friends, Ava consults her colleagues and her closest friend and helper, a retired K-9 MP named Xena.

“we’re ALL broken people…” -Doc Collins

One of the features of this blog will be to provide resources that remain culturally relevant to the content of the books. I’m humbled to use this platform to promote the very impactful influences that inspire the creative components and flow that will be shared in each installment. The overarching theme is the blending of the Veteran perspective, and the self employed, pop culture savvy, civilian. I’d love to direct your attention to

Over the years, I hear from countless people that tell me they ‘wish they could help’. My hope and prayer is that this will resonate with you, the readers, and share with your spheres of influence to bring a flood of support to these organizations.  While there are invisible wounds of war, the adaptive community at large plays an increasing role in our lives as well. The beautiful people at have been such a loving inspiration for several years now.  Please take the time to learn how you can plug in, or support them financially. You’ll no doubt be moved by the work these groups are doing in a very practical way. With all of the negative to sort through, save this page and, these links to bring some light and life to your web browsing experience.

*Music is also an enormous influence on the environment I endeavor to cultivate.  Since being invited to live in a tiny apartment in Woodside Queens, NY with two of the founding members of this band, I’ve been able to find the most inspiring grooves without fail. Attalus is a unique sound that flows and rocks with a mastery of instruments that I’ve turned to specifically at various points in this writing process.  Check them out on iTunes or your favorite music platform.

Lastly, if you like what you’ve found here, I think we have somethin that’s good for us both. I dare you to subscribe to my email list, and share with your friends on social media. THIS is going to be worth it! Thank you all for following and subscribing. I can’t wait to share more with you as we unpack all of these things together.


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